Joseph Aldy

Joseph Aldy

Professor of the Practice of Public Policy
Joseph Aldy

Research Interests

Climate change policy, energy policy, and regulatory policy

Related Publications

Aldy, Joseph E., Maximilian Auffhammer, Maureen Cropper, Arthur Fraas, and Richard Morgenstern. "Looking Back at 50 Years of the Clean Air Act." Journal of Economic Literature, forthcoming. 


Aldy, Joseph E., Matthew Kotchen, Mary Evans, Meredith Fowlie, Arik Levinson, and Karen Palmer. "Deep Flaws in a Mercury Regulatory Analysis." Science 368: 247-248. (2020)


Aldy, Joseph E. and Richard Zeckhauser. "Three Prongs for Prudent Climate Policy." Southern Economic Journal 87(1): 3-29. (2020)


Aldy, Joseph E. "Carbon Tax Review and Updating: Institutionalizing an Act-Learn-Act Approach to U.S. Climate Policy." Review of Environmental Economics and Policy 14(1): 76-94. (2020)


Aldy, Joseph E. "Birds of a Feather: Estimating the Value of Statistical Life from Dual-Earner Families." Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 58(2): 187-205. (2019)


Aldy, Joseph E. and Gianfranco Gianfrate. "Future-Proof Your Climate Strategy." Harvard Business Review May/June 2019: 91-101. (2019)


Houde, Sebastien and Joseph E. Aldy. "Consumers' Response to State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Programs." American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 9(4): 227-255. (2017) 

Aldy, Joseph E. and William A. Pizer. "Alternative Metrics for Comparing Domestic Climate Change Mitigation Efforts and the Emerging International Climate Policy Architecture." Review of Environmental Economics and Policy 10: 3-24. (2016) '

Aldy, Joseph E. and William A. Pizer. "Competitiveness Impacts of Climate Change Mitigation Policies." Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists 2(4): 565-595. (2015)

Aldy, Joseph E. "The Crucial Role of Policy Surveillance in International Climate Policy." Climatic Change 126 (3-4): 279-292. (2014)

Aldy, Joseph E. "A Preliminary Review of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act's Clean Energy Package." Review of Environmental Economics and Policy 7(1): 136-155. (2013)


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