Joseph Aldy

Joseph Aldy

Professor of the Practice of Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School
Joe Aldy

Research Interests

Climate change policy, energy policy, and mortality risk valuation

Related Publications

Aldy, Joseph E. and William A. Pizer. "Alternative Metrics for Comparing Domestic Climate Change Mitigation Efforts and the Emerging International Climate Policy Architecture." Review of Environmental Economics and Policy 10: 3-24. (2016)

Aldy, Joseph E. and William A. Pizer. "Competitiveness Impacts of Climate Change Mitigation Policies." Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists 2(4): 565-595. (2015)

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Aldy, Joseph E., Kotchen, Matthew J., and Leiserwitz, Anthony A. "Willingness to Pay and Political Support for a U.S. National Clean Energy Standard." Nature Climate Change. (2012)

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Aldy, Joseph E., and Robert N. Stavins, eds. Post-Kyoto International Climate Policy: Implementing Architectures for Agreement. Cambridge University Press. (2010)

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