Jurgen R. Weiss

Jurgen R. Weiss

Senior Lecturer of Business Administration
Jurgen R. Weiss

Research Interests

Jurgen's research focuses on the challenges and opportunities to the energy sector created by technological change and externalities, in particular those associated with greenhouse gas emissions. Specific areas of interest include the development of potential pathways to the decarbonization of the energy system. He studies the economics of systems comprised of various types of renewable energy and other carbon-neutral supply sources, various types of storage, and various options for demand flexibility. This area of research also includes understanding the potential speed and depth of the adoption of carbon-neutral alternatives to fossil fuel use in major GHG emitting sectors other than electricity, including the transportation, buildings and industrial sectors. Topics include electrification of transport, the potential role of carbon-neutral drop-in fuels in both transportation, the building and the industrial sector, and an understanding of the functioning of fully decarbonized energy and electricity systems. Jurgen's research is also interested in the market, regulatory and policy mechanisms suitable to support the transition to a future energy system without major (environmental) externalities as well as the market and regulatory structures needed to maintain reliable and efficient future energy systems.

Related Publications

Weiss, Jurgen. "Who's Afraid of 100%?" Opinion. Utility Dive (2020).

Weiss, Jurgen. "The Electrified Future Is Shared: Mobility Services and Electrification's Pace, Shape." Public Utilities Fortnightly PUF 2.0 (2018).

Weiss, Jurgen, Ryan Hledik, Roger Lueken, Tony Lee, and Will Gorman. "The Electrification Accelerator: Understanding the Implications of Autonomous Vehicles for Electric Utilities." Electricity Journal 30, no. 10 (2017): 50–57.


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