Laura J. Martin

Laura J. Martin

Ziff Environmental Fellow: 2015-2017
PhD Natural Resources, Cornell University
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Faculty Affiliate in History, Williams College
Laura J. Martin

Laura Jane Martin is a historian and ecologist who studies the cultural and political dimensions of ecological management.

Laura earned an ScB in biophysics from Brown University in 2006, an MS in natural resources from Cornell University in 2010, and a PhD in natural resources from Cornell in 2015. While at Cornell, she received national fellowships in both the sciences and the humanities. Through fieldwork, she studied the impact of human activities on the ecology and evolution of wetland species, publishing in Journal of Ecology, Conservation Biology, Trends in Ecology and the Environment, and elsewhere. Through archival research, she investigated the history of ecological restoration in the 20th century United States. Her current work is situated at the nexus of environmental history and science & technology studies.

As an Environmental Fellow, Laura worked with Peter Galison from the Department of the History of Science. She developed her dissertation research into a book that explores how ecological restoration became such a widespread and important environmental practice. She also began a project on the use of counter-terrorism technologies for international biodiversity protection. By fostering conversations among scientists and humanists, Laura hopes to generate research that can guide 21st century environmental management.

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Peter L. Galison, Department of the History of Science

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