Lawrence Buell

Lawrence Buell

Powell M. Cabot Research Professor of American Literature [Emeritus]
Lawrence Buell

Research Interests

Rethinking US literature in a globalizing world; discourses of literature and environment.

Related Publications

Uses and Abuses of Environmental Memory (2013)

Ecocriticism: Some Emerging Trends (2012)

Literature and Environment (2011)

Nature and the City: Antithesis or Symbiosis (2009)

Shades of the Planet (Princeton University Press, 2007)

The Future of Environmental Criticism (Wiley-Blackwell, 2005)

Writing for an Endangered World: Literature, Culture, and Enivronment in the United States and Beyond (Belknap [Harvard University] Press, 2001)

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Widener Library 707

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