Marie-Abèle Bind

Marie-Abèle Bind

Ziff Environmental Fellow: 2014-2016
ScD Environmental Health and Biostatistics, Harvard University School of Public Health
Current Position: Associate, John Harvard Distinguished Science Fellow, Dept. of Statistics, Harvard University
Marie-Abèle Bind

Marie-Abèle Bind is an environmental biostatistician interested in health effects from environmental exposures.

Marie-Abèle earned an MSc in engineering (specialization in energy and environment) in 2007 at one of France's Grandes Ecoles. She then received an MSc in environmental health in a one-year intensive program at the Cyprus Institute associated with the Harvard School of Public Health. In 2014, she received a dual Doctor of Science (ScD) degree in environmental health and biostatistics from HSPH. Marie-Abèle's dissertation focused mainly on developing and applying methods to investigate the role of epigenetics in air pollution health effects. While working toward her ScD degree, Marie-Abèle graduated from HUCE's Graduate Consortium on Energy and Environment and received an MSc in biostatistics from HSPH.

Marie-Abèle worked with Donald Rubin of the Department of Statistics to explore how temperature increases due to climate change will impact cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, especially in susceptible populations. Most epidemiological studies have focused on associations between temperature and health outcomes rather than causal effects. Marie-Ab├¿le work focused on estimating causal temperature health effects. Within the field of causal inference, mediation analysis has become a valuable tool to examine pathways, especially in epidemiological research. She extended previous causal effects derivations to settings with mortality outcomes and formalize mediated effects. Moreover, there is a recent interest for epigenomics data to examine new pathways. She also examined the causal temperature effect on epigenome wide data in order to identify new biological mechanisms.

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Donald Rubin, Department of Statistics

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