Marine Denolle

Marine Denolle

Assistant Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences and Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study
Marine Denolle

Research Interests

Earthquake Seismology, ground motion prediction, subduction zone hazards, induced seismicity, ground water and moisture monitoring with seismic waves

Related Publications

M. Denolle and P. M. Shearer. 9/15/2016. "New perspective on self-similarity of shallow thrust earthquakes." Journal of Geophysical Research, 121

M. Denolle, W. Fan, and P. Shearer. 2015. "Dynamics of the M7.8 2015 Nepal Earthquake." Geophys. Res. Lett., 42, Pp. 7467-7475

M. Denolle, E.M. Dunham, G.A. Prieto, and G.C. Beroza. 2014. "Strong Ground Motion Prediction using VirtualEarthquakes." Science, 343, 6169, Pp. 399-403

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Earth and Planetary Sciences

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Geological Museum 211

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