Max H. Bazerman

Max H. Bazerman

Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration
Co-Director, Center for Public Leadership
Max H. Bazerman

Research Interests

Judgment in managerial decision making; bounded awareness; bounded ethicality; societal decision

Related Publications

Why don't we act faster in an environmentally responsible manner? An application to climate change. (in Facilitating Climate Change Responses. National Research Council, National Academies Press, 2010)

Barriers to Acting in Time on Energy and Strategies for Overcoming Them. (2008)

Changing Practices on Sustainability: Understanding and Overcoming the Organizational and Psychological Barriers to Action. (in Organizations and the Sustainability Mosaic; 2007)

The Malleability of Environmentalism. (in Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy; December 2007)

Climate Change As a Predictable Surprise. (2006)


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