Michael J. Aziz

Michael J. Aziz

Gene and Tracy Sykes Professor of Materials and Energy Technologies
Michael J. Aziz

​​​​​Research Interests

Electrochemical processes for energy technology and mitigating global climate change; synthesis and properties of novel optoelectronic semiconductors and semiconductor nanostructures using energetic beams; nanoporous materials

Related Publications

M. Wu, M. Bahari, E.M. Fell, R.G. Gordon and M.J. Aziz, “High-performance anthraquinone with potentially low cost for aqueous redox flow batteries” submitted (2021)

A.A. Wong, S.M. Rubinstein and M.J. Aziz, “Direct visualization of electrochemical reactions and heterogeneous transport within porous electrodes in operando by fluorescence microscopy” Cell Reports Phys. Sci. 2021, 100388; https://aziz.seas.harvard.edu/files/azizgroup/files/mja309.pdf

S. Jin, M. Wu, R.G. Gordon, M.J. Aziz, D.G. Kwabi, “pH Swing Cycle for CO2 Capture Electrochemically Driven through Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer” Energy & Environmental Sci. 13, 3706 (2020); https://aziz.seas.harvard.edu/files/azizgroup/files/mja306.pdf

F.R. Brushett, M.J. Aziz and K.E. Rodby, “On lifetime and cost of redox-active organics for aqueous flow batteries” Invited Viewpoint article for ACS Energy Letters. 5, 879 (2020); https://aziz.seas.harvard.edu/files/azizgroup/files/mja299.pdf

M. Wu, Y. Jing, A.A. Wong, E.M. Fell, S. Jin, Z. Tang, R.G. Gordon and M.J. Aziz, “Extremely Stable Anthraquinone Negolytes Synthesized from Common Precursors” Chem 6, 1432 (2020); https://aziz.seas.harvard.edu/files/azizgroup/files/mja302.pdf

B. Huskinson, M.P. Marshak, C. Suh, S. Er, M.R. Gerhardt, C.J. Galvin, X. Chen, A. Aspuru-Guzik, R.G. Gordon and M.J. Aziz, "A metal-free organic-inorganic aqueous flow battery", Nature 505, 195. (2014)


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