Michael J. Aziz

Michael J. Aziz

Gene and Tracy Sykes Professor of Materials and Energy Technologies
Michael J. Aziz.

​​​​​Research Interests

Electrochemical processes for energy technology and mitigating global climate change; synthesis and properties of novel optoelectronic semiconductors and semiconductor nanostructures using energetic beams; nanoporous materials.

Related Publications

K. Lin, Q. Chen, M.R. Gerhardt, L. Tong, S.B. Kim, L. Eisenach, A.W. Valle, D. Hardee, R.G. Gordon, M.J. Aziz and M.P. Marshak, "Alkaline Quinone Flow Battery", Science 349, 1529. (2015)

B. Huskinson, M.P. Marshak, C. Suh, S. Er, M.R. Gerhardt, C.J. Galvin, X. Chen, A. Aspuru-Guzik, R.G. Gordon and M.J. Aziz, "A metal-free organic-inorganic aqueous flow battery", Nature 505, 195. (2014)

M.T. Winkler, D. Recht, M.-J. Sher, A.J. Said, E. Mazur and M.J. Aziz, "Insulator to Metal Transition in Sulfur-Doped Silicon", Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 178701. (2011)

E.A. van Nierop, S. Hormoz, K.Z. House, and, M.J. Aziz, "Effect of Absorption Enthalpy on Temperature-Swing CO2 Separation Process Performance", Energy Procedia 4, 1783. (2011)

K.Z. House, C.F. Harvey, M.J. Aziz, and D.P. Schrag, "The energy penalty of post-combustion CO2 capture and storage and its implications for retrofitting the U.S. installed base", Energy and Environmental Science 2, 193. (2009)

K.Z. House, C.H. House, D.P. Schrag, and M.J. Aziz, "Electrochemical Acceleration of Chemical Weathering as an Energetically Feasible Approach to Mitigating Anthropogenic Climate Change", Environmental Science and Technology 41, 8464. (2007)

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