Michael P. Brenner

Michael P. Brenner

Michael F. Cronin Professor of Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics and Professor of Physics
Area Dean, Applied Mathematics
Michael P. Brenner

Research Interests

Theoretical modeling in the physical sciences and engineering; biomechanics and biology

Related Publications

Scaling and shear transformations capture beak shape variation in Darwin's finches. (2010)

The Free-Energy Landscape of Clusters of Attractive Hard Spheres. (2010)

A nonperturbive approximation for the moderate Reynolds number Navier-Stokes equations. (2009)

Explosively launched spores of ascomycete fungi have drag-minimizing shapes. (2008)

How bumps on whale flippers delay stall: an aerodynamic model. (2008)

The relationship between evolutionary and physiological variation in hemoglobin. (2007)


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