Michael P. Brenner

Michael P. Brenner

Michael F. Cronin Professor of Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics
Professor of Physics
Michael P. Brenner

Research Interests

Theoretical modeling in the physical sciences and engineering; biomechanics and biology

Related Publications

J. Fritz, J. Brancale, M. Tokita, K.J. Burns, M.B. Hawkins, A. Abzhanov and M.P. Brenner, Shared developmental program strongly constrains beak shape diversity in song birds, Nat. Comm. Doi:10138/ncomms4700 (2014).

N. Mangan and M.P. Brenner, Systems analysis of the carbon concentrating mechanism in cyanobacteria, eLife, 3:e02043 (2014).


Joanne Bourgeois jbourge@seas.harvard.edu

Contact Information

Pierce Hall, 313

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