Na Li

Na Li

Gordon McKay Professor of Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics
Na Li

Research Interests

Na Li's research interest lies in the design, analysis, optimization and control of distributed network systems, with particular applications to power networks and systems biology/physiology. The goal is to develop foundational theories and tools to exploit real world system structures that can lead to computationally efficient and distributed solutions, and apply them to improve systems operations and architecture. Her research has been interdisciplinary in nature, exploiting the structures using domain specific modeling and mathematical tools including data analysis, game theory, optimization, information theory, dynamical systems, and control.

Related Publications

Na Li, Jerry Cruz, Chenghao Chien, Somayeh Sojoudi, Ben Recht, David Stone, Marie Csete, Daniel Bahmiller, John Doyle, "Robust Eciency and Actuator Saturation Explain Healthy Heart Rate Control and Variability", Accepted to Proceedings of National Academia Sciences, 2014.

Lingwen Gan, Na Li, Ufuk Topcu, Steven Low, "Exact convex relaxation for optimal power flow in radial networks", Accepted to IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 2014.

Na Li, Lijun Chen, Munther Dahleh "Load Shedding in Power Networks Using Linear Supply Function Bidding", Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Smart Grids, 2014.

Wenbo Shi, Na Li, Xiaorong Xie, Chi-Cheng Chu, and Rajit Gadh, "Optimal Residential Demand Response in Distribution Network", IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 32(7), Pages 1-10, 2014

Na Li, Jason Marden, "Decoupling Coupled Constraints through Utility Design", IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control,59(8), Pages 2289-2294, 2014. Here is the Technical Report which has additional interesting examples and results.

Changhong Zhao, Ufuk Topcu, Na Li, Steven Low, "Design and Stability of Load-Side Primary Frequency Control in Power System", IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 59(5), Pages 1177-1189, 2014

Na Li, Jason Marden, "Designing Games for Distributed Optimization", the Journal of IEEE Selected Topics in Signal Processing,7(2), Pages:230 - 242, 2013.


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