Noel Michele Holbrook

Noel Michele Holbrook

Charles Bullard Professor of Forestry; Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology; Interim Director of the Harvard Forest; Faculty Fellow of the Arnold Arboretum
Missy Holbrook.

Research Interests

Long-distance transport physiology in plants; root physiology, including interactions between uptake and growth; water relations associated with flowering and flower production; biomechanics of growth and development; factors controlling uptake and movement of water in tropical trees

Related Publications

Dietterich, Lee H., Antonella Zanobetti, Itai Kloog, Peter Huybers, Andrew D.B. Leakey, Arnold J. Bloom, Eli Carlisle, et al. 2015. "Impacts of elevated atmospheric CO2 on nutrient content of important food crops." Scientific Data, no. 150036.

Nathaniel D. Mueller,, Ethan E. Butler, Karen A. McKinnon, Andrew Rhines, Marin Tingley, N. Michele Holbrook, and Peter Huybers. 2015. "Cooling of US Midwest summer temperature extremes from cropland intensification." Nature Climate Change.

Mello, F.C., C.E.P. Cerri, C.A. Davies, N. M. Holbrook, K. Paustian, S.M.F. Maia, M.V. Galdos, M. Bernoux, and C.C. Cerri. 2014. "Payback time for soil carbon and sugar-cane ethanol." Nature Climate Change, 605-609.

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Sevanto, S, NM Holbrook, and MC Ball. 2012. "Freeze/Thaw-induced embolism: probability of critical bubble formation depends on speed of ice formation." Front Plant Sci 3: 107.

Watkins, J. E., Jr., NM Holbrook, and MA Zwieniecki. 2010. "Hydraulic properties of fern sporophytes: Consequences for ecological and evolutionary diversification." Am J Bot 97: 2007-19


Faculty Department

Organismic & Evolutionary Biology


Erin Ciccone 617-495-2470

Contact Information

Bio Labs 3111, Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

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