Peter Huybers

Peter Huybers

Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering
Peter Huybers

Research Interests

Glacial cycles; past atmospheric conditions; past ocean circulation; climate change

Related Publications

Mueller, Butler, McKinnon, Rhines, Tingley, Holbrook, and Huybers. Cooling of US Midwest summer temperature extremes from cropland intensification, Nature Climate Change, 2015.

Rhines, Tingley, McKinnon, Huybers. Decoding the precision of historical temperature observations, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 2015.

Tingley and Huybers. Heterogeneous warming of Northern Hemisphere surface temperatures over the last 1200 years, Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres, 2015.

Butler and Huybers. Variations in the sensitivity of US maize yield to extreme temperatures by region and growth phase, Environmental Research Letters, 2015.

Crowley, Katz, Huybers, Langmuir, and Park. Glacial cycles drive variations in the production of oceanic crust, Science, 2015.

Faculty Department

Earth & Planetary Sciences


Sabinna Cappo 617-496-6504

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Geological Museum 457

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