Peter K. Bol

Peter K. Bol

Charles H. Carswell Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Peter Bol.

Research Interests

Chinese cultural and intellectual history; historical geography; geographical analysis.

Related Publications

"Location and Learning," Geohumanities (2015) 1: 13-16.

Bol, Peter K. What do Humanists Want? What do Humanists Need? What Might Humanists Get?, in Geohumanities: Art, History, Text at the Edge of Place, Edited by Michael Dear, Jim Ketchum, Sarah Luria, Doug Richardson. London and New York: Routledge, 2011, 296-308.

Guan, Weihe (Wendy) and Peter K. Bol. Embracing Geographic Analysis Beyond Geography – Harvard's Center for Geographic Analysis Enters its 5th Year. International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research. April-June 2012, Vol. 3, No. 1. 63-71.

Weihe Wendy Guan, Peter K. Bol, Benjamin G. Lewis, Matthew Bertrand, Merrick Lex Berman, and Jeffrey C. Blossom. WorldMap – A Geospatial Framework for Collaborative Research, Annals of GIS 18.2 (2012).

Bol, Peter K. GIS, Prosopography, and History. Annals of GIS 18.1(2012): 3-15.

Bol, Peter K. "Geography and Culture: The Middle-Period Discourse on the Zhong guo ÔöÇ the Central Country," in Space and Cultural Fields: Spatial Images, Practices and Social Production, ed. Huang Ying-kuei. Taibei: Center for Chinese Studies, 2009, pp. 61-106.

The China Historical GIS: Choices Faced, Lessons Learned. (2007)

Creating the China Historical GIS. (2006)

The Transformation of the Garden in the 16th and 17th century. (2005)

The Multiple Layers of the Local: A Geographical Approach to Defining the Local. (2004)


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East Asian Languages & Civilizations

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