Petros Koutrakis

Petros Koutrakis

Professor of Environmental Sciences
Head of the Exposure, Epidemiology and Risk Program
Director of the EPA/Harvard University Center for Ambient Particle Health Effects
Petros Koutrakis

Research Interests

Human exposure measurement techniques; sources, transport, and fate of air pollutants

Related Publications

Middleton, N., Yiallouros, P., Nicolaou, N., Kleanthous, S., Pipis, S., Zeniou, M., Demokritou, P., and Koutrakis, P. Residential Exposure to Motor Vehicle Emissions and the Risk of Wheezing among 7 - 8 Year-old Schoolchildren: A City-wide Cross-sectional Study in Nicosia, Cyprus. Environmental Health 9:1 - 17. (2010)

Ruiz, P.A., Toro, C., Caceres, J., Lopez, G., Oyola, P., and Koutrakis, P. Effect of Gas and Kerosene Space Heaters on Indoor Air Quality: A Study in Homes or Santiago, Chile. Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association 60:98 - 108. (2010)

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