Prineha Narang

Prineha Narang

Assistant Professor of Computational Materials Science
Prineha Narang

Research Interests

Exploring and expanding the understanding of excited state and non-equilibrium phenomena to develop novel quantum engineered materials and devices with applications in sensing and photodetection, energy conversion, as well as quantum information processing.

In the context of energy conversion, we are writing new theoretical and computational tools to describe interactions between light harvesting complexes and the environment in the ultrafast (femtosecond) to fast (nanosecond) regime. Using this understanding of quantum-controlled energy transfer, we seek to develop a general methodology for precise optical control of chemical dynamics via strong light-matter coupling to alter the reaction pathways of molecules.

Related Publications

P. Narang, L. Zhao, S. Claybrook, and R. Sundararaman. Effects of Interlayer Coupling on Hot Carrier Dynamics in Graphene-derived van der Waals Heterostructures. Advanced Optical Materials, 2017. View PDF

E. Cortes, W. Xie, J. Cambiasso, A. S Jermyn, R. Sundararaman, P. Narang, S. Schlucker, and S. A. Maier. Plasmonic hot electron transport drives nano-localized chemistry. Nature Communications, 8, 2017. View PDF

P. Narang, R. Sundararaman, and H. A. Atwater. Plasmonic hot carrier dynamics in solid-state and chemical systems for energy conversion. Nanophotonics, 5:96, 2016. View PDF

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Pierce 304

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