Ralph Mitchell

Ralph Mitchell

Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Biology [Emeritus]
Ralph Mitchell

​Research Interests

Biofilms, including attachment of microorganisms to surfaces; deterioration of materials caused by biofilm growth; prevention of microbial attachment and biofilm-mediated deterioration

Related Publications

  • Correlation of bacterial attachment with both interfacial and adhesive forces measured by force volume microscopy. (2008)
  • Sticks and Stones: Microbial Deterioration of Culturally Significant Wood and Stone Artifacts and the Potential for Bioremediation. (2008)
  • Analysis of the Bacterial Community in Concretions Formed on Metal Submerged in a Marine Environment. (2008)
  • Microbial remediation of olive mill wastewater. (2008)

Environmental Courses

*ENG-SCI 376. Environmental Biology


Microbial Sciences Initiative


Julianna Braun (617) 495-0627

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