Robert N. Stavins

Robert N. Stavins

A.J. Meyer Professor of Energy & Economic Development
Director, Harvard Environmental Economics Program
Director, Harvard Project on International Climate Agreements
Robert N.  Stavins

Research Interests

Environmental economics, natural resource economics, and related public policy; innovation and diffusion of technology; market-based strategies for future climate policy; international climate agreements

Related Publications

“U.S. Climate Policy Under the Biden Administration.”  East Asia Forum Quarterly, forthcoming, March 2021.  [A-102]

“Rolling the Dice in the Corridors of Power:  William Nordhaus’s Impacts on Climate Change Policy.”  Climate Change Economics, Volume 11, Number 4 (2020).  With Joseph Aldy.  [A-98]

“The Future of U.S. Carbon-Pricing Policy.”  Environmental and Energy Policy and the Economy, volume 1, pp. 8-64.  University of Chicago Press, 2020.  [A-97]

“Policy Evolution Under the Clean Air Act.”  Journal of Economic Perspectives, Volume 33, Issue 4, pp. 27-50, Fall 2019.  With Richard Schmalensee.  [A-99]

“Double Counting and the Paris Agreement Rulebook.”  Policy Forum Insights, Science, Volume 366, Issue 6462, pp. 180-183.  With L. Schneider, M. Duan, K. Kizzier, D. Broekhoff, F. Jotzo, H. Winkler, M. Lazarus, A. Howard, and C. Hood.  [A-98]

“Linking Heterogeneous Climate Policies (Consistent with the Paris Agreement).”  Environmental Law 8(4, 2019): 647-698.  With M.A. Mehling and G.E. Metcalf  [A-95]

“International Climate Change Policy.”  Annual Review of Resource Economics, 10 (2018):335-360.  With G. Chan, and Z. Ji.  [A-94]

Environmental Courses

  • *ECON 1661. Economics of Climate Change and Environmental Policy
  • *ECON 3116. Environmental Economics and Policy Seminar
  • *ECON 3016. Graduate Student Workshop in Environmental Economics
  • API 135. Economics of Climate Change and Environmental Policy
  • API 905Y. Seminar on Environmental Economics and Policy
  • API 905Y: Seminar in Environmental Economics and Policy


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