Robin Wordsworth

Robin Wordsworth

Gordon McKay Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering
Robin Wordsworth

Research Interests

Professor Wordsworth's research is focused on the processes that shape planetary climate and habitability, both in the Solar System and around other stars. Currently active research topics include the changes in Mars' climate and atmospheric chemistry over geologic time, the behavior of convection, clouds and precipitation on Earth and other planets, and observational techniques for detection of surface liquid water and biospheres on rocky exoplanets.

Related Publications

K. Loftus and R. Wordsworth, JGR Planets, 2021: The physics of falling raindrops in diverse planetary atmospheres


R. Wordsworth et al., Nature Geoscience, 2021: A coupled stochastic model of the climate and redox evolution of Mars


M. Baum and R. Wordsworth, JGR Planets, 2020: Groundwater flow to Gale Crater in an episodically warm climate


F. Ding and R. Wordsworth, ApJL, 2020: Stabilization of dayside surface liquid water via tropopause cold trapping on arid tidally locked planets


R. Wordsworth, L. Schaefer and R. Fischer, AJ, 2018: Redox evolution via gravitational differentiation on low mass planets: implications for abiotic oxygen, water loss and habitability


F. Macdonald and R. Wordsworth, GRL, 2017: Initiation of Snowball Earth with volcanic sulfur aerosol emissions


R. Wordsworth, Ann Rev EPS, 2016: The climate of early Mars


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