Verena Conley

Verena Conley

Long Term Visiting Professor of Comparative Literature and Romance Languages and Literature
Director of Graduate Studies
Verena Conley

Research Interests

Critical and Cultural Theory; Politics and Aesthetics; Ecology and Technology; Contemporary Fiction and Film

Related Publications

Conley VA. Nancy Now. (Goh I).; 2014.
Conley VA. The Ecological Relation in Relational Architectures. (ed. Peg Rawes). ; 2013.
Conley VA. Zizek's eco-chic. in Zizek Now. ; 2012.
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Conley VA. Félix Guattari's Three Ecologies. Ecological Urbanism. (Mostafavi M, Doherty G).; 2010.
Conley VA. Living in Translation. In: MLA Profession. ; 2010.
Conley VA. Literature, Space and the French Nation State. In: McDonald C, Suleiman S French Global: New Approaches to French Literary History. ; 2010.

Faculty Department

Department of Romance Languages and Literatures

Contact Information

Dana-Palmer House, Room 202 (16 Quincy Street)

Research Areas

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