Xin Li

Xin Li

Associate Professor of Materials Science
Xin Li

Research Interests

Xin Li's lab focuses on the design of next generation energy storage materials through advanced synthesis, test, characterization and simulation. By combining electrochemistry, microscopy, spectroscopy, first principle computations and artificial intelligence, the group aims to obtain the most performance-relevant understandings, which guides the design of new energy storage materials and devices, including next generation cathodes, anodes and solid electrolytes for lithium or sodium ion batteries. The group is also interested in obtaining a unified understanding about how microscopic interactions govern emergent phenomena in energy storage and strongly correlated quantum materials, with the current focus on unconventional superconductors.

Related Publications

Luhan Ye, Xin Li, A dynamic stability design strategy for lithium metal solid state batteries,  Nature, 593, 218 (2021) 


Xi Chen, Jiahao Dong, Xin Li, A picture of pseudogap phase related to charge fluxes, npj Computational Materials, 6, 103 (2020) 


Yichao Wang, Sooran Kim, Jingyu Lu, Guangyuan Feng, Xin Li, A study of Cu doping effects in P2-Na0.75Mn0.6Fe0.2(CuxNi0.2-x)O2 layered cathodes for Na-ion batteries, Batteries & Supercaps, 3, 376-387 (2020) 


William Fitzhiugh, Fan Wu, Luhan Ye, Wenye Deng, Pengfei Qi, Xin Li, A high-throughput search for functionally stable interfaces in sulfide solid-state lithium ion conductors,  Advanced Energy Materials, 9, 1900817 (2019) 


Sooran Kim, Xi Chen, William Fitzhugh, Xin Li, Apical charge flux-modulated in-plane transport properties of cuprate superconductors, Physical Review Letters, 121, 157001 (2018) 


Fan Wu, William Fitzhugh, Luhan Ye, Jiaxin Ning, Xin Li, Advanced sulfide solid electrolyte by core-shell structural design, Nature Communications, (9), 4037 (2018)


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