Xin Li

Xin Li

Associate Professor of Materials Science
Xin Li

Research Interests

Design of new energy related materials through advanced characterization and simulation. By combining electrochemistry, (in situ) electron microscopy, (in situ) X-ray diffraction and first principles computations, the relationship between atomistic structure and electrochemical property of materials is obtained. The scientific understanding guides the design of new materials with technological importance, including energy storage materials such as cathode, anode and solid electrolyte for lithium or sodium ion batteries with improved safety, energy density, cyclability or diffusivity.

Related Publications

1) Li, X., et al., G. Direct Visualization of the Jahn-Teller Effect Coupled to Na Ordering in Na5/8MnO2, Nature Materials, 13, 586-592 (2014)

2) Li, X.; Wu, D.; Zhou, Y.; Liu, L.; Yang, X.; and Ceder, G. O3-type Na(Mn0.25Fe0.25Co0.25Ni0.25)O2: a quaternary layered cathode compound for rechargeable Na ion batteries, Electrochemistry Communication, 49, 51-54 (2014)

3) Wang, R.; Li, X.; Liu, L.; Lee, J.; Seo, D-H.; Bo, S-H.; Urban, A.; Ceder, G. A disordered rock-salt Li-excess cathode material with high capacity and substantial oxygen redox activity: Li1.25Nb0.25Mn0.5O2. Electrochem. Commun., 60, 70-73 (2015)

4) Liu, L.; Li, X.; Bo, S-H.; Wang, Y.; Chen, H.; Twu, N.; Wu, D.; Ceder, G. High-Performance P2-Type Na2/3(Mn1/2Fe1/4Co1/4)O2 Cathode Material with Superior Rate Capability for Na-Ion Batteries. Adv. Energy Mater., 1500944 (2015)


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