Zhiming Kuang

Zhiming Kuang

Gordon McKay Professor of Atmospheric and Environmental Science
Zhiming Kuang

Research Interests

The main goal of my current research is to better understand and simulate how tropical convection interacts with the large-scale flow. This interaction is key to the tropical circulation, particularly the rainfall distribution and its variability. These are important issues to society. Variations in the Asian monsoon rain, for example, can bring droughts or floods and affect the lives of billions of people. Despite its well appreciated importance, our understanding of how tropical convection interacts with the large-scale flow remains poor, so is our ability to simulate this interaction. In our research, we use novel high resolution numerical model experiments, together with observational data analysis, to guide development of theoretical models. Besides the meteorological implications of tropical convection, I'm also interested in its role in global chemistry.

Related Publications

Andersen J. A., Z. Kuang, Moist Static Energy Budget of MJO-like disturbances in the atmosphere of a zonally symmetric aquaplanet, J. Climate, submitted. (2011)

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Boos, W. R., Z. Kuang, Dominant control of the South Asian monsoon by orographic insulation versus plateau heating, Nature, 463, 218-222, (2010)


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