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Summer Undergraduate Research Fund

The Center for the Environment’s Summer Undergraduate Research Fund provides financial support for student research projects related to the environment. In the context of this program, 'environment' refers to understanding the relationships and balances of the natural and constructed world around us, with a particular emphasis on understanding how anthropogenic activities and policies affect the environment, including the intimate relationships between energy use and demand, environmental integrity and quality, human health, and climate change.... Read more about Summer Undergraduate Research Fund

The Environmental Fellows Program

"Harvard is committed to fostering the development of talented scholars with an interest in environmental research. The Environmental Fellows at Harvard work with some of the University's leading faculty, creating linkages across research disciplines and professional schools, and benefit from all that Harvard has to offer."

—Dan Schrag, Director
Harvard University Center for the Environment

The Harvard University Center for the Environment extends a warm welcome to the 2021 class of Environmental Fellows: Hélène Benveniste,...

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2020 Sep 15

Could Climate Change Increase the Risk of Mold in Housing?

12:15pm to 1:15pm



Holly Samuelson, an assistant professor of architecture at the Graduate School of Design (GSD); Pamela Cabrera, a GSD graduate now working as a climate engineer and associate at Transsolar KlimaEngineering; and Sara Tepfer, a doctor of design student at GSD; will discuss research, funded in part by the Joint Center for Housing Studies, that combines state-of-the-art hygrothermal simulations and mold-growth computations with data on predicted weather changes in several cool-climate US cities.... Read more about Could Climate Change Increase the Risk of Mold in Housing?