Harvard Kennedy School

2020 Sep 25

Arctic Permafrost Thaw: Science & Policy

1:00pm to 3:00pm



This session focuses on a warming-driven phenomenon—the rapid thawing of Arctic permafrost—that is contributing simultaneously to the most vexing of Arctic warming's impacts both in the region and around the world, and will target experts and non-experts who are interested in understanding the science and policy issues at the heart of this widely underestimated facet of the global climate-change challenge.... Read more about Arctic Permafrost Thaw: Science & Policy

2020 Oct 22

Regulatory Policy Program Webinar




Join M-RCBG for a Regulatory Policy Program seminar featuring Cheryl LaFleur, Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University; and former Chair and Commissioner, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as they discuss "Challenges to Successful Decarbonization in the US and Strategies to Overcome Them."... Read more about Regulatory Policy Program Webinar