Affiliated Programs

Harvard's Solar Geoengineering Research Program

Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program (SGRP) aims to further critical research on both the science and governance of solar geoengineering by:

  • Producing research that advances solar geoengineering's science and technology frontier, publishing high-impact papers, and disseminating ideas that are taken up by other researchers and government research programs.
  • Taking an active stance on research with a unique mandate to develop new path-breaking technologies that might improve solar geoengineering's effectiveness and reduce its risks.
  • Employing Harvard's convening power to bring together scientists, environmental leaders, and government officials to discuss the technology and its governance.
  • Advancing science and technology, assess efficacy and risks, and lay out governance options and social implications.

Planetary Health Alliance

The Planetary Health Alliance (PHA) strives for a world where all people thrive by protecting and regenerating Earth's natural systems for generations to come. Their mission is to promote, mobilize, and lead an inclusive, transdisciplinary field of planetary health and its diverse science, stories, solutions, and communities to achieve the Great Transition, a comprehensive shift in how human beings interact with each other and Nature. To accomplish this mission, PHA:

  • Encourages and empowers a diverse global planetary health community that crosses sectors, disciplines, generations, worldviews, and geographies;
  • Facilitates the education and training of current and next generation planetary health practitioners through the development and curation of open-access resources, mentorship and leadership opportunities, and programs from primary to university levels;
  • Mainstreams planetary health science, stories and solutions through broad public outreach and direct engagement with civil society, private sector, general public and governments;
  • Promotes actionable steps that individuals and society can take to advocate for and achieve progress toward planetary health.