IGA 671M. Policy and Social Innovations for the Changing Arctic


  • Professor: Halla Logadottir
  • Term: Spring, Winter 
  • School: Harvard Kennedy School
  • Course ID: 208144

Through the lens of the rapidly changing Arctic region, this course will give students experience in developing policy and social innovations to address complex policy challenges at the intersection of environment and human well-being and to communicate solutions effectively orally and in writing to a global audience. The Arctic as a whole has been experiencing climate change at a pace more than twice the global average, with multiple local, regional, and global implications in the environmental, economic, security, and human rights domains. Over the course of the module, students will work on a selected policy challenge and develop their own contribution to addressing it. The module concludes with 2.5 days of meetings with international Arctic leaders and student presentations of their findings at the annual Arctic Circle Assembly in Iceland October 19-21. While the course has an Arctic focus, the tools employed and the experience of engaging with senior policy-makers will build skills relevant to addressing sustainability challenges elsewhere, as well.

Please visit belfercenter.org/person/halla-hrund-logadottir to learn more about instructor Halla Logadottir.