Rebecca Musgrave

Rebecca Musgrave

Ziff Environmental Fellow: 2017-2019
PhD Inorganic Chemistry, University of Bristol (UK)
Current Position: Lecturer in Bioinorganic Chemistry, King's College London
Rebecca Musgrave

Rebecca Musgrave is a chemist and materials scientist interested in the synthesis of highly magnetic metal-containing polymers.

Rebecca received her undergraduate MChem degree from the University of Oxford (UK), and earned her PhD at the University of Bristol (UK). Her doctoral thesis was based on the synthesis of polymeric materials and related nanomaterials, which combine the functionality of metal centers (i.e., electronic and magnetic properties) with the processing advantages of conventional polymers, for use in a variety of biological and physical applications.

As an Environmental Fellow, Rebecca worked with Ted Betley from the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. She researched novel materials derived from the linking of highly magnetic and redox-active metal clusters into a number of dimensional arrays. The applications of these materials will be investigated, focusing specifically on the areas of energy storage, magnetic memory technology, electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide, and the energy-efficient separation of gases. Rebecca's work was supported by a Marie Curie Fellowship from the E.U.

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Theodore Betley, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

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