2021 Nov 29

    Solar Geoengineering Policy Seminar

    4:00pm to 5:15pm


    Zoom & Ofer 401

    "A Global Commission on Solar Geoengineering," presented by Adrien Abecassis, a Fellow at HKS’ Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government; Ted Parson, Dan and Rae Emmett Professor of Environmental Law at UCLA; and Bill Clark, Harvey Brooks Research Professor of International Science, Public Policy and Human Development.... Read more about Solar Geoengineering Policy Seminar

    2021 Oct 25

    Climate Change and Water Crises

    7:00pm to 8:30pm



    Join ClassACT for a panel discussion moderated by Erum Sattar, Program Lead of the Sustainable Water Management Program (SWM) at Tufts University, and featuring Andy Sawyer HR’73, Assistant Chief Counsel of the California State Water Resources Control Board, Jeff Hébert, President of HR&A, Kelsey Leonard, water scientist, legal scholar, policy expert, writer, and enrolled citizen of the Shinnecock Nation, and William Moomaw, Emeritus Professor of international environmental policy at Tufts University.... Read more about Climate Change and Water Crises

    2021 Oct 15

    Why Biodiversity Matters: Science and Society in Brazil

    3:00pm to 5:00pm



    Join Harvard DRCLAS, MCZ, and OEB for a panel discussion on how understanding biodiversity can contribute to our ability to use bioinspired designs offering climate change solutions, such as more efficient energy use, harnessing of ecosystem services, management of potential insect pests and invasive species, and identification of zoonotic reserviors that potentially harbor disease.... Read more about Why Biodiversity Matters: Science and Society in Brazil